Follow Your Dreams …

5 Sep 2015

Sunrise over Dee Why Headland – by Fi It’s often stated and rarely followed, although many of us start working on our dreams, it can take a few goes to get on track. I’m one of those … I used… Continue Reading

Paris … So French

28 May 2015

At the Eiffel Tower I arrived in Paris and found my hotel to be hot pink and black with decadent furniture which was the perfect way to relax for the afternoon. Dinner beckoned and I wandered around the area and… Continue Reading

Copenhagen, Too beautiful for words

19 May 2015

So Copenhagen is probably one of the most, if not THE most, beautiful city I’ve ever been to. May is a gorgeous time as the weather is mild and although it’s cold (I am Australian), I’ve had some beautiful sunny… Continue Reading

Florence, you’ve stolen my heart

18 May 2015

David by Michaelangelo – Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze Now I’m in love with Florence!!! I arrived in Florence on Saturday and did the walking tour which was so lovely. We saw the sculpture of David by Michaelangelo and… Continue Reading

Rome, I am in love

13 May 2015

  Throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain to return  On Wednesday I went on two tours which was massive. It’s hard work being a tourist 😉 I went on the Classical Rome and Imperial Rome tours and saw so… Continue Reading

New Moon Blessings

22 Mar 2015

  ~ manifesting goals and releasing fears ~ On Friday night we had a very special event, a new moon and solar eclipse. I had been so excited and planned a ritual for releasing things I no longer needed and bring to… Continue Reading

Creative Sundays – Star Lights

17 Aug 2014

Now that I’m working in the corporate world again, my weekends are so important. I love them and today when it was cold and rainy I made this Star Lights wall hanging to brighten up my bedroom. It must have brightened… Continue Reading

Peruvian Pom Poms

8 Jul 2014

The colour in Peru is amazing and I loved the pom poms!! Check out my previous post when I travelled to Peru, it was the BEST TRIP EVER! I’ve started with a couple of pieces and more will be available in different colours… Continue Reading

Rock ‘n’ Roll

4 Jul 2014

I hope you’ve got your party plans ready for the weekend …. It’s another fabulous Friday & here are some rockin’ ideas to shop for! Have fun xxxx Rock ‘n’ Roll Collection – Shop –


13 Jun 2014

Fi, Christ the Redeemer and a million tourists (and some scaffolding)! Well, Rio de Janeiro and Florianopolis, Brazil is MASSIVE!! We arrived in Rio de Janeiro very early in the morning and headed to the hostel we had booked. The… Continue Reading