Crystal Jewellery

Crystals are some of the most interesting and diverse of all the ancient legends. They have been worn for centuries and have some wonderful properties.


Ancient jewellery from Greece, Peru and Egypt

Obviously the adornment is beautiful and if you’re a believer, it can also have some amazing healing energies for anything that you may need.

Here are just a few crystal & stone meanings:

amazonite-crystal Amazonite – Enhances intuition, psychic and creative intelligence

amethyst_crystal Amethyst – Brings protection and inner peace

black-onyx-crystal Black Onyx – Aids in self control and decision making

red-coral-crystal Red Coral – Love and protection as well as fertility

rose-quartz-crystal Rose Quartz – Universal love and peace

sodalite-crystal Sodalite – Understanding of truth and idealism

Tigers Eye – Protection, strength and patience

turquoise-crystal Turquoise – Spirituality, clear communication and friendship

white-howlite-crystal White Howlite – A calming stone, great for relieving stress

And most importantly, love what you wear … it’s that simple!

At Fifi Design our crystals have all been cleansed by the full moon and blessed with love prior to being made.

To the best of our knowledge they are sourced with care to the environment.

Please note that these meanings are taken from a variety of sources and are in no way definitive or should be used as a medical guide.