Amethyst Jewellery

Amethyst Crystal Jewellery Meaning & Symbology

The Amethyst Crystal has the ability to stimulate and sooth the mind and emotions. It is the stone of Saint Valentine and faithful love. It carries the energy of fire and passion, creativity and spirituality.

The Amethyst has been highly regarded throughout the ages for its stunning beauty and legendary powers.


Wearing Amethyst Crystal Jewellery

There are a number of different Amethyst Crystal Jewellery Meanings however our favourite is that of the ancient Greek a- “not” and méthystos “intoxicated”, a reference to the belief that the stone protects the wearer from drunkenness.

Amethyst is especially supportive of the emotional body bringing overstressed and overworked individuals back to their centre. It initiates wisdom and abates negative behaviours.

Sterling Silver & Amethyst Crystal Jewellery

The sterling silver and amethyst crystal jewellery made at Fifi Design is the highest quality, sourced from different suppliers and countries.

Caring for Amethyst Crystal and Sterling Silver Jewellery

Caring for amethyst crystal should be a gentle process. We would wash these carefully with warm soapy water or a soft, clean cloth. Please don’t soak or put in an ultrasonic cleaner, nor jewellery solution.

Sterling Silver is wonderfully easy to take care of. The best way to look after your jewellery is to wear it!! If you need to clean any tarnished pieces there are a number of ways which include household items and other products you can purchase.

Find out how to Care for Sterling Silver Jewellery.

Buying Amethyst Crystal Jewellery

Whether you’re buying Amethyst Crystal Jewellery as a gift for a loved one or yourself, you’re also buying a beautiful reminder of a moment or feeling to keep with you every time you wear it. Remember to care for your jewellery, love it and it will love you back for years to come.

At Fifi Design, all of our jewellery comes with a gift bag to keep them safe and protected. We can also arrange gift wrapping and delivery.

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