Happy New Year … 2017 Already Rocks!

Lennox Head, Australia

Happy New Year!!

I know it’s a little late however I’m starting 2017 in February! And it appears that I’m not alone.

How is it that we can decide to choose a whole new direction and lifestyle on one particular date? I don’t know either but I was busy in October, November and December with my jewellery and beauty businesses (I’m a Body Shop At Home Consultant). And then there is my day job, working at the beach inspired Seaweed and Sand Homewares store at our local shopping centre.

New designs ~ Facemask Magic ~ NYE with these Beauties

Suffice to say, the first half of January was spent with my feet up, walking on the beach with my niece and the dogs and sitting by the pool at Mum’s house.

The Pool ~ Beachcombing ~ Pop up Studio

So good!

Let’s get back into it … I’ll be creating and posting more so let me know what you like, love and want to see more of. My contact details are on the other tab 😉

And here are some cute photos of my gorgeous friend Nat when I gave her her own personally inspired birthday present:

Fifi & Nati at The Office

I hope everyone is enjoying 2017 so far.

Remember to be kind to everyone, especially yourself xx

Much love,

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