About Fifi Design

When I was a little girl my Grandfather gave me a charm bracelet. It was so mature and elegant. Every Christmas and birthday I would open a tiny velvet pouch to reveal a sparkling silver charm. One year it was a rabbit, the next a working abacas (which I love even though I hate maths). My favourite is a cuckoo clock from my Nonny that came all the way from Switzerland.

Every year I unwrapped the beautiful charms and attached them to my bracelet. This wasn’t a bracelet to be worn, but one to be admired on very special occasions. I loved them so much: a necklace with Pinocchio (whose arms and legs move), a beautiful horse, Sleeping Beauty’s castle, and many more wonderful treasures.

Many years later I still treasure my childhood jewellery. It inspires me to make special gifts for my loved ones that serve as a reminder of their courage and expression.

Thanks for coming to meet me and be sure to check out the shop.

Much love,


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