Starfish Jewellery

We love our Starfish Jewellery and with inspiration from these beautiful creatures who wouldn’t? Starfish vary in appearance and colour and live in many different locales around the world, something I would love to do. They’ve been here on earth for a very long time with fossils dating back to 450 million years ago. However, they make beautiful pieces to wear, especially for those of us beach babes who may also be mermaids.

Starfish Symbolism

The symbolic sign of the starfish is that of regeneration. Not so much in the physical sense for us ‘beings’ however we can regenerate our attitudes, beliefs and behaviours which can bring about new experiences to mirror our higher and more pure selves.

The healing and renewal meaning of the starfish also ties in with the symbolic meaning of water which is healing, purification and cleansing. Water also symbolically means emotion and intuition which ties in beautifully with the starfish meaning of sensory perception.

Starfish Jewellery

Wearing Starfish Jewellery

To wear starfish jewellery is a gentle, and beautiful reminder that we can heal ourselves and walk in the direction towards our dreams. Like the starfish we can ‘release’ some of our negative emotions and grow new, more positive ones.

Wedding Starfish Jewellery

We also make customer Starfish Jewellery for special occasions like weddings. There is a legend that starfish are reflections of stars in the sky living on the ocean floor. Symbolising rebirth, starfish have a remarkable ability for regeneration. If a starfish is cut in half, two starfish will grow which is a beautiful analogy of equality and teamwork, each of the limbs of the starfish work together for the benefit of the whole.

Starfish Jewellery

Sterling Silver Starfish Jewellery

The Starfish Jewellery made at Fifi Design is high quality sterling silver. The result is strength and timeless beauty as the colour is more of the white fine silver, however it has the durability of sterling silver. Sterling silver is made from 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other alloys (or metals). Please remember that sterling silver loves to be worn and this will help keep its natural beauty and shine for many years.

Caring For Sterling Silver Starfish Jewellery

Sterling Silver is wonderfully easy to take care of. The best way to look after your starfish jewellery is to wear it!! If you need to clean any tarnished pieces there are a number of ways which include household items and other products you can purchase. Click here to view Cleaning Sterling Silver.

Buying Starfish Jewellery

Whether you’re buying Starfish Jewellery as a gift for a loved one or yourself, you’re also buying a beautiful reminder of a moment or feeling to keep with you every time you wear it. Remember to care for your jewellery, love it and it will love you back for years to come.

At Fifi Design, all of our jewellery comes with a velvet gift bag to keep them safe and protected. We can also arrange gift wrapping and delivery.

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