Cleaning Sterling Silver Jewellery

Cleaning sterling silver jewellery is relatively easy!

There are a number of products on the market so the choice is varied depending on personal preference and your budget.

I’ve found that wearing my jewellery every day is a great way to keep it safe and clean. When I do clean my jewellery, I usually boil it in some water with a bit of washing up detergent. Of course, only boil jewellery that is safe to do so (not pearls, crystals or precious pieces and beads). To get them really sparkling after I’ve boiled them,  I’ll then put them in a bowl with some bicarbonate soda, then pour white vinegar over the top so it’s just covering the pieces. Let the bubbling subside and rinse them with water.

To clean sterling silver jewellery which isn’t suitable for the above method, I use a silver cleaning cloth which you can purchase right here

Voila, sparkling jewellery!