August – Leo and Virgo

Leo                  24th July – 23rd August

Virgo               24th August – 23rd September

How wonderful are the Leos and Virgos of the world!! I have some in my life and they’re truly amazing. Warm, smart and funny … the triple threat!!

For Leos, wearing some Tiger’s Eye on the right side of your body will bring the most benefits. Tiger’s Eye crystals are great for releasing fears and anxieties. It’s perfect to pair with your favourite crystal or quartz, as it will also magnify their attributes.

Black Onyx is an excellent protector and Rose Quartz brings unconditional love. They’re the perfect gifts for friends, loved ones and family members.


Moon Information

Last Quarter – 12th August

New Moon – 18th August

First Quarter – 18th August

Full moon – 26th August

Mermaid Card – Explore Your Options

“It’s time to look at other possibilities. It’s a good time to make changes.” Especially since the last full moon and eclipse … any steps that you take – no matter how small – will be helpful.

Affirmations by Louise Hay … choose your fave

I am patient, tolerant and diplomatic.

Today is the future I created yesterday.

I am in perfect health.

Life supports me in every way possible.

I draw love and acceptance into my life, and I accept it now.

All is well in my world. (this is my fave)

~ This is the view from Lennox to Skennars Head after the Full Moon Eclipse ~

Lots of love and blessings from the fairies in your garden,





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