March – Aquamarine Crystals

Aquamarine Crystals – the birth crystal for March

Pisces  20th February – 20th March

Aries   21st March – 21st April

Aquamarine is the birth crystal for those born in March and whether you’re a Pisces or an Aries you also have the choice of Amethyst or Carnelian and Quartz.

Aquamarine translates directly to ‘water of the sea’ and was historically used by sailors to protect them travelling by sea, or any other journey.

You only need to look at this precious stone to appreciate the sea-like beauty in the blue and green colour.

Aquamarine is very calming and soothing and helps to still the mind. The soft colour brings inspiration, peace and harmony, especially for sensitive people. It can encourage us to take responsibility for ourselves and helps to be compassionate and tolerant.

Moon Information

Full moon – 2nd March

New moon – 18th March

Full moon – 31st March

Mermaid Card – Protection


This month I start believing that I deserve all the good Life has to offer.  As I nurture myself, I find more fun in my world. The more fun I have, the more other people love me.  Life just keeps getting better and better! ~ Louise Hay

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