Sodalite Jewellery

Sodalite Jewellery Meaning & Symbology

The Sodalite Jewellery Meaning is one of logic, rational thinking and efficiency. Sodalite Jewellery is a brilliant blue coloured stone or crystal.


Wearing Sodalite Jewellery

Sodalite Jewellery has strong spiritual attributes that may encourage creativity. Sodalite  aids the wearer in deeper spiritual understanding of truth and idealism. Healing breaches in communication it is also a helpful for group discussions and stimulates thought. Sodalite is also good for clear, confident public speaking.

Its energy may aid you with developing your intuition and stimulate psychic visions. It’s also helpful for understanding the patterns behind such things as astrology and the tarot.

This lovely blue stone has a vibration that may stimulate the qualities of idealism and truth, and aids in communication to live up to your own ideals and ideas.

Sterling Silver and Sodalite Jewellery

The sterling silver and sodalite jewellery made at Fifi Design is the highest quality and sourced from different suppliers and countries.

Caring for Sodalite and Sterling Silver Jewellery

Sodalite is considered a fairly tough stone however please take care when using chemicals and strong household cleaning products. Generally sodalite can be cleansed using warm, soapy water or a soft cloth.

Sterling silver is wonderfully easy to take care of. The best way to look after your jewellery is to wear it!! If you need to clean any tarnished pieces there are a number of ways which include household items and other products you can purchase.

Click here to view Cleaning Sterling Silver.

Buying Sodalite Jewellery

Whether you’re buying sodalite jewellery as a gift for a loved one or yourself, you’re also buying a beautiful reminder of a moment or feeling to keep with you every time you wear it. Remember to care for your jewellery, love it and it will love you back for years to come.

At Fifi Design, all of our jewellery comes with a gift bag to keep them safe and protected. We can also arrange gift wrapping and delivery.

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