October – Rose Quartz and Sodalite

Libra               24th September – 23rd October

Scorpio           24th October – 22nd November

Rose Quartz crystals are favoured by Librans for their love of love and beauty. This stone is lovely and helps bring more love into the world.

Scorpios greatly benefit from the healing properties of sodalite that brings them calming energy which they strongly need.

For those you love, please have a look in the shop for beautiful handmade Rose Quartz and Sodalite jewellery.



Moon Information

Last Quarter – 2nd October

New Moon – 9th October

First Quarter – 17th October

Full moon – 25th October

~ Beautiful Bougainvillea ~

Mermaid Card – Make a Wish

“This is a magical moment. Make a wish and enjoy its manifestation.” What will you wish for? I wished (as always) for pure love, fun and health.


Affirmation for October

I am so happy and grateful that I’m always happy and grateful.

~ Mermaid Beach~

Much love xx


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