Copenhagen, Too beautiful for words


So Copenhagen is probably one of the most, if not THE most, beautiful city I’ve ever been to. May is a gorgeous time as the weather is mild and although it’s cold (I am Australian), I’ve had some beautiful sunny days and there are flowers everywhere!!!

Jo collected me from the airport and that’s where the fun began. I’d never met her Dane, Jan, before but I have a new friend (not allowed on FB though ;)… He’s fun and lovely, straight to the point and planner of non-tourist must sees and restaurants … Awesome!!

We had a yummy dinner, some wine and made some weekend plans …. Perfect!

It was a public holiday on Thursday so Jo and I ventured into the city. It’s adorable!!! We popped in to see Mary but she had some guests (other tourists) and we arrived at the changing of the guard so I don’t think she heard us knocking. It’s a beautiful home (read castle) and it was really relaxed with maybe a hundred people just standing around waiting to take photos.

The palace

The Palace

Jo also introduced me to crepes with Nutella … Bad friend, they’re amazing!!

We walked along the edge of the harbour and through the park which is beautiful (sorry to repeat myself but, it really is).


The Queen’s Boat

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid


The Changing of the Guard

Dinner at the BEST sushi restaurant I’ve ever been to. Big call but it was amazing. And they got my order wrong … Winning big time!!!


Next was a day of serious shopping and making sure I spent enough to get the tax return when I leave Europe, got it covered  … Love It! After a ‘taxing’ day, some chilled rose with some funky music at a South American bar .. And the food!!! Yum!

Rose Fi

Another shopping, tourist day followed by a tourist drive around town and dinner. Lucky we couldn’t get into the place we wanted to go because we found the super awesome and seriously tasty Warpigs … It’s in the meat packing district and still has the factory/warehouse feel to it. Great wine and the meat is delicious (side of potato salad was also good) … We took our bellies into the cold and walked into a bar across the road. More good wine (I’m obviously won over by this town), good music and a super fun buzz … Dancing and silly photos to prove it!!

War Pigs image

Oh Sunday …. you arrived too soon, Jan made his amazing breakfast and I will forever be spoilt now that I’ve had proper Danishes … Oh God!!! They’re something to behold, then devour, gently. Oh man, they’re good!


Time to digest and start again with lots of talking … then packing, ehh. My hotel for the next two nights is sweet and comfy with sun drenching my bed. I checked out Fredricksberg Park and returned for wine and snacks from the supermarket (I love supermarkets).

FrederiksbergFrederiksberg Park
Today is last minute trinkets, blogging/writing and soaking up as much Danish culture as possible! Well, I’m in the Hard Rock Cafe and having an awesome time .. Super song list, food and wine, my waitress is from the Gold Coast and the cocktail dude is super hot, covered in tats with a fancy shaved “do” and can rock anything … Especially loved the Backstreet Boy moves, how often does this song list happen?

Hard Rock

A last farewell as Jo takes me to the airport and I’m a bit teary … It feels like I just arrived and I cannot wait to come back!


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