Paris … So French

Fifi at EiffelAt the Eiffel Tower

I arrived in Paris and found my hotel to be hot pink and black with decadent furniture which was the perfect way to relax for the afternoon. Dinner beckoned and I wandered around the area and settled on a restaurant downstairs. A sparkly champagne with scallops and the best guacamole I’ve ever had followed by a steak and little potatoes with a smooth red. And another, while I tried to plan my days and work out just where I had landed in Paris.

A great night sleep and a new day!! I found my new breakfast place, a creperie just across the road, yum! Then to the Eiffel Tower, I thought this was a good place to start. And it was, it’s so big and beautiful and just amazing. I bought my ticket, jammed in the lift with everyone else and flew to the top. It’s such a great view and I spent a bit of time here until the wind started. So did the rain. And we all jammed back in the lift so come back down. It was bitterly cold and I had no idea what to do next. So I wandered. Swapped photo taking with some other tourits and kept wandering. I found a little cafe for hot chocolate to warm up and found a message from an old friend now living in Paris as well as a new friend messaging me with news of tea and Vegemite! Feeling all warmed up I wandered to the Arc de Triomphe via the Champes Elyssies which is lovely.

I stopped for lunch at Clement’s as I thought it was a sign to have lunch with my ‘friend’ Clement 😉 more wandering and I stumbled upon the Jeanne Lanvin exhibition which I really wanted to see. The exhibition was just beautiful, the dresses on view are exquisite and a number of them I would wear in a heartbeat if I ever had the chance. Even nearly a century later her wedding dresses, embroidery and beadwork is still in fashion. I guess that’s why she’s always been one of my favourite designers.

Jeanne LanvinPostcards from the Jeanne Lanvin exhibition

Homeward bound and I’m pretty pleased with myself. I returned and found my gorgeous room all made up. Someone had even lined up all my bathroom goodies which made me very happy. I spent the afternoon uploading photos, charging my devices and then tried to find the place where the David Bowie exhibit is and it looks like it’s on the other side of town, an hour away on the train with four or five changes and it’s not open everyday … But they can’t tell you when it opens. Hmmm, more thought for that one but I will meet my friend to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit followed by dinner and drinks. I cannot wait.

I met Victoria near where we were to meet and earlier than planned which was quite exciting. I was so relieved to see her and be in her presence. The exhibition was wonderful, JPG is something else and to see so much of his work in one place can only confirm his status as a classical designer ahead of his time. I loved it!!

JPGPostcards from Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition

Next, we headed to the bar atop of the Promendor and ordered Verve. We drank the beautiful view, the sunshine and caught up on the last however many years …. How do the years go by so fast? Anyway, it was lovely and with all true friends time means you just need a few more glasses to catch up on what’s been missed!

Afterwards we met with Vic’s lovely man, and made our way to my new favourite restaurant. They made us cocktails based on our likes and tastes and mine was delicious .. I have no idea what it was but I’d love another!!! Dinner was amazing and if I thought I could find it, I’d be there right after night.

Vic, Fi & FrenchyWith Victoria and Frenchy

On Friday I caught the train to God knows where and wandered around. I went to Sacre Creur which was beautiful and fun. I seem to have an inbuilt navigation system which is amazing and I just came upon it. I took the little train ride and I met some more new friends from Canada. The little trip was worth more than the 6€ I paid, it went everywhere and I saw the sights, the Moulin Rouge, beautiful apartment blocks, working prostitutes, artwork, boutique shops and such a scenic part of Paris in around 20-30 minutes … I then walked back down the lovely streets, bought some souvenirs and realised I wasn’t far from the gallery with the David Bowie exhibition. I headed in that direction and was so relieved when I found it I nearly cried.

Sacre CreurSocre Ceour

Moulin RougeMoulin Rouge

The David Bowie Is exhibition is amazing. If you ever get the chance, go. I couldn’t believe I’d actually made it, it was so, so awesome!! You got these headphones which picked up where you were in the exhibit and did whatever was happening. There were movie clip rooms, interviews from the beginning and photos and music film clips, space to dance if you wanted and clothes. His actual clothes!! Everything. I was so overwhelmed when I left I had to take a moment to collect myself then went back to the gift shop. I bought a poster and some postcard/bookmarks. I have no idea how I’ll get it home, it’s huge. A guy who left at the same time with one asked me where I was going to put it. I had to tell him I didn’t even know how I was going to get it back to Australia. Rolled up its width comes to my armpit!!

David BowieNearly cried with relief!

imageCreative inspiration in the ladies room at the David Bowie Is exhibition

On Monday I had a ‘Skip the Line’ ticket to the Louvre and was pretty excited. It took me ages to find the tour office so I missed the tour group and they wouldn’t let me have entry or give me a refund. I did meet some nice people, Bob and Diane from Masseschuttes, who invited me to join them in the two hour queue if I didn’t have any luck getting in on my ticket. And the couple from the Blue Mountains who were kind enough to say I didn’t look like I’d been crying. I looked wild!! The guy at the tour desk kept asking me if I understood him and I kept saying that yes, I paid 54€ and I can’t even get in the door!! To which he suggested I could buy another ticket. Thoughts are censored here!!! I headed home and felt much better. Maybe next time I visit the Louvre I’ll get in, third time lucky!!!

Sunset from my roomSunset from my room

Time to come home and I really am relived. I had lunch with Victoria in a gorgeous little cafe 13-a Bakers Dozen which is nicely hidden, but oh so yummy. More time to wander around Notre Dame and some sightseeing before I head to the airport.

I feel incredibly blessed to have had such a wonderful holiday and even more grateful to be going home.

Au Revoir

Fifi Deveau (Nanna’s maiden name, I like it)



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