Florence, you’ve stolen my heart

David by Michaelangelo David by Michaelangelo – Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze

Now I’m in love with Florence!!!

I arrived in Florence on Saturday and did the walking tour which was so lovely. We saw the sculpture of David by Michaelangelo and some other really cool buildings.

To be honest I had no idea that David was so big! It really is such an impressive artwork and the story behind the scenes is so informative, giving you the whole story. I’m also falling in love with history too! More new friends from the Philipines, New York and Equador wishing me a good time in Florence as they headed back to Rome.

CathedralDuomo – Santa Maria del Fiore’s Cathedral

After the tour I got a taxi to my hotel as it was so hot. There was no way I was going to find it and drag my bags around town would just make me cranky. It’s so nice but the wifi is utter crap. So frustrating and worse to have intermittent wifi than none at all.Ā I showered and dressed up a little then went to sit in our hotel’s bar. I had hoped to meet up with Anne again but the wifi! Needless to say I met some lovely new friends from the U.S.A. Our bartender Francesco kept the drinks coming and it was a super fun evening.

Francesco & FiFrancesco & I are going to open a bar somewhere awesome

Today I wished I’d gone to bed earlier however the breakfast was amazing and I headed out to see some stuff. It’s so incredibly pretty and I’ve really enjoyed wandering around the streets, looking in shops and some of them are so beautiful I want everything.

Finally I was asked out by a man in the street but he got really cranky when I said no. Dumbass, glad I said no!

I came back to the hotel as I really need to book a hotel in Milan, flights to Copenhagen and Paris as well as check my funds.

Hmm, time for lunch and some wifi šŸ˜‰

LunchThe best plans are made with wine!

Wifi has been eluding me so my plans have changed a little. A day in Venice, then to Milan only to catch my flight to Copenhagen. I’m definitely coming back to Italy so I’m not really bothered. And I’m sick of packing, finding hotels and being challenged with the wifi, or lack thereof.

I went to the train station to buy tickets however the tickets to Venice were sold out for Monday and the queue was very long and that was at 8:30pm. So much for getting in early, ha ha. The mission for Monday will be tickets to Venice and Milan, I don’t want to miss my flight.

The weather is Ā still a beautiful summery 28 degrees and I’m going to be in for a rude shock in the coming days. I’ll wander / meander in the sunshine, hunting wifi, gifts and souvenirs.

SpagettiSeriously, the food is amazing


Florence has been so hospitable that I eluded Venice and Milan! I will return and actually book everything before I leave … Would be great to see even more as some of my new friends saw many other areas which sound amazing.

BasilicaJust so beautifulĀ 

I am now in Milan, waiting to fly to Copeenhagen. I’m so excited!!!

Farewell to this gorgeous, chaotic and wonderful country, I can’t wait to come back!!

Much love Fifi Firenze, ciao xx

more photos onĀ https://instagram.com/fidesignjewellery/

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