Fine Silver Jewellery – 99.9% Silver

Although I’d heard of this wonderful clay, it took me a while to track it down. PMC, or Precious Metal Clay, is moldable high quality silver (99.9%), or fine silver, which is a little bit like clay or plasticine, but trickier!

I’ve found a wonderful group of fellow artisans to learn this technique from and make some truly unique pieces.

This is my first one, a sting-ray … for my love of the ocean and their amazing inhabitants.

Fine Silver Stingray

I haven’t been able to decide on the tail, so I’ll have two!!

Fine Silver Stingray

And of course, I’d like to think of myself as a mermaid, like this gorgeous being.

Fine Silver Mermaid Necklace

So many ideas and not enough time! If there’s something you would like made from fine silver or you have any questions, just let me know through the contacts page.

Much love,

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