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Follow Your DreamsSunrise over Dee Why Headland – by Fi

It’s often stated and rarely followed, although many of us start working on our dreams, it can take a few goes to get on track.

I’m one of those … I used to love community college and when one opened near home I threw myself into so many courses … Beginner’s French, Beginner’s Guitar, Kickboxing, Floristry, Golf, Interior Decorating, Ballroom Dancing and Jewellery Making. I enjoyed all of them (whether I learnt very much is to be decided) however I just kept enrolling in the Silver Jewellery Making Course, I loved it. And the only reason I left is because the teacher retired and I wasn’t keen on the next teacher’s instructions. Well I’d been there a while and I preferred it my way!!

Something I did do was apply for a business name. I wanted something distinct to me but a little diverse in case I changed my mind on jewellery one day. Fi Design was thus born in 1999! The name had already been taken but hadn’t been renewed so I had to wait 30 days just in case. I called them every day and secured my name. I went into the office, paid my money (adding an extra $1 for laminating) and walked out with my first business name certificate. SO EXCITED!

From now on I was in business and I made beautiful pieces for close friends and family. I also made custom pieces as gifts for friends of friends and even made a little brochure booklet. And some business cards! Which was certainly more difficult before the internet and without a computer … how times have changed!

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 9.09.40 pm Fi Design starts at Community College, notebooks, bangles, business name and business card

Work was busy and I found myself letting go of something I loved. Fast forward to a few years ago and I started making bracelets, earrings and necklaces as a hobby in between jobs. These weren’t as industrial as my first works as I didn’t have access to all the tools and machines (how I miss them)! These are pretty pieces (as you’ll see in my shop, Facebook and Instagram) and putting the social media, website and blog together has been no mean feat. In fact some of my friends have been such an inspiration and so generous with their help. I feel completely blessed. And overwhelmed because none of this comes quickly or easily. I’ve taken THOUSANDS of photos and some of them just irk me. Some of them work for no apparent reason and others just don’t.

As much as I love following my dream I must admit that it’s a constant choice. It’s taken a year to get my website to where it is right now and that’s due to the fact that it wasn’t my number one priority. Once again I got caught up in work and didn’t have the capacity to think, or even look, at computers when I got home. The thought of figuring out the technical stuff was all too much. Thankfully my wonderful friend Jodi makes it work:

Motivation and action are most certainly the key players and I’ve read, listened to podcasts and done enough exercises and worksheets to be my own powerhouse, but it doesn’t come easily. I think some people definitely have more of a knack but at the end of the day it really is just being consistent even when you don’t feel like it. And loving what you do!!!

Obviously I’m not making my millions just yet but I am enjoying the fact that my dream is happening and trying to find the balance with work, life and my own little business. If you have any tips and tricks I’d love to hear them!!

In short, keep dreaming, keep moving forward and remember if someone wants to help you it probably means they think you’re pretty awesome and want to be a part of something wonderful too.

Big dreams and big love,

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