Rome, I am in love


Trevi Fifi

Throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain to return 

On Wednesday I went on two tours which was massive. It’s hard work being a tourist 😉
I went on the Classical Rome and Imperial Rome tours and saw so many fantastic sites. The Trevi Fountain in the day time, the Pantheon, which is my new favourite building as well as the Colosseum and piazzas, fountains and churches to test anyone. I’ve loved every minute!!!!


The Pantheon (sorry it’s a bit wonky)

The weather has also been amazing and will continue while I’m in Italy. I keep meeting lovely, interesting people and cannot wait to come back once I’ve learned to speak the language.

When we arrived at the Colosseum it’s just massive. The history is interesting, gory and horrific. The way they built some of these structures I don’t think they could ever be replicated.


Above, that’s my new friend Ali on the right.
Below, our guide, Max, has the red umbrella (I’d better hurry)!


I had Thursday to rest and wander around which was perfect. I made my way to the Regis Grand Hotel for a fancy lunch which was so good. And my waiter gave me a glass of champers as a “little pressie” which was so nice. I had the perfect princess afternoon. Then I went shopping!

After my day I met a few of the guests at the bar which was super fun. A group from the U.S. as well as a lovely Queenslander. The hotel staff are wonderful and it was such a happy night.

I’ve been at the Vatican today for a tour of the museums, Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica which has been amazing. The photos could never really do it justice and the size is astounding. They’re ginormous, which is Max’s word as he led our group again today! There’s a tapestry from Brussels which is 12 metres x 5 metres!! And it took one year to make a one metre square piece.

And so incredibly beautiful, it’s enough to make you religious. The history is amazing too and when you see it right there it kind of blows your mind.

Tomorrow I’m off to Florence so I’ll have to head out for pasta and gelato. Magnifico!

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