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I P Ronaldo Bracelet

Happy New Year… Can you believe it’s almost February!!

I hope you are all having a fabulous start to 2014 and there’s lots to look forward to. As you may know, I’m a very firm believer in keeping everything in life happy, fun and full of love. However I would like to take a moment to share a sobering thought because my dearest friends’ neighbour hasn’t had a great start. I don’t know all the details however this young man has tried several times in the last month to leave this world. I can understand many things but this is something I struggle with terribly.

Little does he know, he has inspired me to make a bracelet celebrating love of man, men, guys, blokes, etc. and the most important love of all, self love.

The situation has also encouraged me to call my friend, who lives in LA, more often than I normally would. Why do these situations make us act how we should before something like this happens? Too many questions to ask and answer in this little message and I am certainly no expert. All I wish, dream and pray for, is for us all to be kinder. Show more compassion and take a moment to remember that life is so incredibly special, fragile and irretrievable once gone. We don’t know what is happening in someone else’s life nor could we imagine how they are struggling with it, even with a brave face.

Kindness takes strength so practice being nice …. Believe me, it becomes a wonderful habit and makes everything so much easier and fabulous.

Much love,

Fi x


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